New York Concert Review

[Helios] played with great togetherness, sensitivity, solo ability, unanimity of phrasing, and dynamic planning.

The ensemble […] contributed their own individuality to what amounted to an exciting rendition. This journey was gorgeously rendered by the three members of Helios.
Cultural Voice of North Carolina

Scintillating Performances from the Helios Piano Trio

The Helios Trio played the Schumann with great verve and sweep, sailing through the constant shifting of mood and making ease of contrapuntal passages.

Ensemble between the three was exact and excellent.

Ravel's is one of my favorite trios and the Helios players turned in an intense and searing performance equal to any I have heard. Their palette of color was dazzling and the string harmonics were marvelous. Their control of the third movement was riveting. The inexorable buildup of the finale swept the audience to their feet for multiple curtain calls.
Cultural Voice of North Carolina, 2023

Ensemble throughout was first-rate, no simple matter, with the frequent changes in meter, dynamics, and tempo. The communication between the three musicians was palpable; one would be hard-pressed to find a more convincing performance.